Chess sessions

We conduct chess sessions within the children section of the Library from 09 : 15 Hours to 12 : 15 Hours. Please check the schedule provided to you upon registration. Saturdays if there is a tournament there will be no chess sessions at Sandton Library.

Programs(Contact us for a quote since it involves geographical distances.)

  • Schools chess from nursery or creche from the age of five & half and upwards "(Grade R Chess initiative)

  • Group chess coaching lessons ( small groups more effective) "

  • Home school Chess tutoring "

  • Individual private chess lessons "

  • Special needs ( learning difficulties) chess & Mathematics tutoring as long as they are able to follow instructions and able to write, ADHD, dyspraxia, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, dyslexia, socialisation problems,-and for some autistic spectrum individuals. Chess can be a solution. Try it you never know.
  • Between 20% and 25% of children are classified as 'special needs' and diagnosed with a wide range of neurological conditions. For many of these children, chess can have a dramatic effect on their lives. But it is exactly these children, who have the most to gain from chess, who will, in many cases, and for a variety of reasons, not consider joining a school chess club, or perhaps not enjoy it if they do join. Mathematics fundamentals , laying a strong foundation ( Primary school oriented)

    Adult chess done on request

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